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Welcome to Clap Chap, where your travel dreams come to life. Founded by Daniela Shoval, a passionate traveler and experienced travel planner, Clap Chap is dedicated to creating personalized travel experiences that cater to your unique needs and desires.

Daniela’s extensive travel experience and attention to detail allow her to offer exceptional service and expert guidance. Whether you’re looking for a custom itinerary, planning a group trip, or seeking a luxurious getaway, Daniela crafts tailored travel plans that exceed your expectations. With a focus on providing seamless and enjoyable travel experiences, every trip is meticulously planned to ensure a memorable journey.

At Clap Chap, the goal is to make your travel dreams a reality. From the initial consultation to your return home, Daniela works closely with you to understand your preferences and deliver a personalized travel plan. With a reputation for reliability and excellence, Clap Chap is your trusted partner for all your travel planning needs.

At Clap Chap, custom travel itineraries are designed to meet your specific desires and interests. Daniela takes the time to understand your travel goals, crafting personalized plans that encompass everything from must-see attractions to hidden gems. Each itinerary is meticulously planned to provide a seamless and enjoyable journey, whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion. With a focus on detail and personalization, your travel experience will be truly unique and unforgettable.

Group travel planning is a standout service at Clap Chap. Daniela has extensive experience organizing trips for families, friends, corporate teams, and special interest groups. She handles all aspects of the trip, from coordinating travel logistics and accommodations to planning group activities and excursions. With a focus on creating cohesive and enjoyable experiences for everyone involved, Daniela ensures that group travel is stress-free and filled with memorable moments. Each group trip is customized to meet the needs and preferences of all participants, making it a truly special adventure.

Luxury travel experiences are a specialty of Clap Chap, providing you with the opportunity to indulge in the finest accommodations, dining, and activities. Daniela curates exclusive travel experiences that offer unparalleled luxury and comfort. From private villas and gourmet dining to bespoke excursions and VIP services, every aspect of your trip is planned to provide a lavish and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a high-end getaway, Daniela’s expertise in luxury travel ensures that every detail is perfectly arranged for your utmost enjoyment.


Daniela planned the most amazing family vacation for us. Everything was perfect, from the accommodations to the activities. We had an unforgettable time thanks to Clap Chap!

Emma L.

Our group trip to Europe was flawless thanks to Daniela’s meticulous planning. She handled every detail, and we were able to relax and enjoy our adventure. Highly recommend Clap Chap!

James R.

Daniela’s luxury travel planning services are top-notch. Our anniversary trip was beyond our expectations, with every detail perfectly arranged. We felt truly pampered!

Sophia and Mark W.